Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meet Confashions From Kuwait

One of the first fashion blogs to emerge from the Gulf, this undercover Kuwaiti fashionista not only reports on all that is chic, hip and trendy in Kuwait, but manages to hop on a plane and send back fashion savvy reports from New York, Bahrain, Beirut and London. She has corresponded with industry heavyweights such as Alice Temperely and has been given an exclusive tour of Net-a-Porter head quarters. In a continuing series on the region’s most influential bloggers, The Polyglot interviews the Kuwaiti tastemaker.
How did the idea for your blog come about?The idea of “Confashions From Kuwait” came about in early 2007 when I realized that no Kuwaiti fashion blog existed, although women’s fashion plays a major part of the Kuwaiti society. Given my passion for fashion, I decided to start a blog that offers a Kuwaiti perspective on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. As for my alias, “Confashion,” the word is a combination of “confession” and “fashion.”Did you ever imagine that Confashions would grow to what it is today?Never! I just started the blog as a personal quest to showcase the local fashion scene and as an outlet for my passion for fashion. I never imagined it would grow to the extent it has, and be recognized and appreciated both regionally and internationally. When I started getting press releases from international and regional fashion houses and boutiques to be posted on my blog and requests to advertise on it, I was flabbergasted! I realized that I do own, if I may say, an influential blog.

Can fashion blogs in the Middle East serve as a powerful tool to change perceptions about the Arab World?If blogging is done correctly in the Middle East region, it would make wonders. Readers normally gravitate towards sassy and smart sites which they can relate to. In other words, bloggers in the Middle East need to be committed to their blogs, provide new and relevant material to their local or regional scene, post frequently, and most importantly, post objectively with a sense of social responsibility.

I honestly believe that blogs in the Middle East can serve as a powerful political, cultural, and social tool; especially when you can express yourselves unconditionally without restrictions, censorship, or limitations. They also become a source of information for people outside the region.

Is the fashion scene in the Middle East a match for Europe or the US?I would say that the fashion scene in the United States and Europe is very competitive, and we are slowly and steadily trying to catch up.

Is the purpose of your blog to also encourage local and Arab talent by exposing them to a larger audience?Confashions from Kuwait signaled a new approach to the fashion scene in Kuwait. What began as my personal quest to express my thoughts on the local fashion scene and worldwide soon blossomed into a trusted insider’s guide. So it is important for me to showcase the hidden talents of our region.
Do you see more international designers dipping into the Middle East for Inspiration?I think that international designers realize now they need to cater to a larger audience. To achieve that, they need to be flexible and inoffensive to any culture for that matter, as well as being receptive when it comes to addressing the specific needs of potential consumers in the Middle East.

What do you think is the most frustrating thing about fashion at the moment?How fast trends change and how factories are unable to keep up with the designers' and consumer's demands. It's crazy! By the time you buy something from a certain season, a few weeks later it's already on sale.

Do you think we’ve reached a point where fashion bloggers in the region have become identifiable personalities?I hope so! Especially that a lot of readers check the blogs they are interested in on a daily basis and so many efforts are put into some of the regional blogs. So it is rewarding to identify and appreciate the role of such bloggers.

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