Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gn’s Secret World

Iranian artist Roshanak Varasteh concocts a whimsical mural for the Paris designer’s exclusive Salon

Andrew Gn is known for the kind of sumptuous evening gowns that come embellished with embroideries and buttons, all developed within his Paris atelier. So it comes as no surprise that he is just as meticulous a collector; traveling the globe in search of the unique and rare. Those two worlds recently came together with the opening of his private by-appointment salon in the Marais. Inspired by Paul Poiret’s “Ateliers de Martine,” Gn went about decorating the interiors of the hôtel particuliers with 19th and early 20th century antiques.
Amongst the salon’s highlights are floor to ceiling lacquered paneling and a glittering 18th century Murano glass chandelier; so large it had to be cut in two to fit within the space. As a nod to his well-heeled Middle Eastern clientele, Gn also commissioned Iranian artist Roshanak Varasteh to paint a whimsical mural depicting a tree of life ripe with pomegranates, prancing gazelles and mythical birds.

An art-world favorite, Varasteh was an assistant editor at Harper’s Bazaar Paris in the 1980’s, before launching a career as a painter. Beyond the artist’s mural lies an intimate salon, where clients can nibble on macarons while selecting from Gn’s couture-worthy designs. Just as lavishly appointed as his clothes, the designer’s latest creation is sure to have his most loyal clients coming back for more.

Images courtesy of Andrew Gn

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