Friday, July 31, 2009

The Polyglot joins “Unfair Magazine”

Pico Iyer, the well known author and travel writer once said “a true cosmopolitan, after all, is not someone who’s traveled a lot so much as someone who can appreciate what it feels like to be other.”

At a time when dialogue between the West and Arab World is needed more than ever, The Polyglot continues to take on new and exciting collaborations with a mission to bridge cultures through a discussion of art, architecture, fashion, culture and all things design. For this reason, The Polyglot recently came on board as a member of Unfair Magazine’s global team (in addition to a continued collaboration with Dia Diwan).

In October 2009, Unfair, a fashion and design publication dedicated to uncovering a world filtered through the prism of a uniquely Middle Eastern perspective, will launch its debut issue around the globe. With offices located in both Paris and Abu Dhabi, and an international team made up of members with experience working at some of the industry’s top publications; Unfair hopes to deliver a different kind of fashion and lifestyle magazine as a reaction to changes in the both the industry and they way people absorb their information today.

For the last few months a talented team of editors, writers, photographers, interns, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, art directors and graphic designers have been crisscrossing the globe shooting innovative fashion stories, carrying out interviews with movers and shakers throughout the region, and putting the final touches to the début issue.

As its name implies, Unfair’s mission will be to explore the kind of subject matter that often gets pushed to the side; issues covering everything from a lack of diversity on international catwalks to talented designers who work quietly without much fan fare, producing thought-provoking work.

Yet the magazine is also about debunking “unfair” stereotypes and assumptions about the Middle East and its people (wherever they may reside in the world). Foremost amongst those it hopes to encourage and empower through positive examples, are women throughout the region; women who are innovators, creators and opinion shapers in their respective fields.

Although the magazine may be geared towards the Middle East, its readership is very much a global one in search of a different perspective; one that believes in the power of art and design to bring us together rather than accentuate our differences.

You can visit UNFAIR’s Facebook page while its web-site is under construction.
I hope to hear your thoughts on this new and exciting publication as it hits newsstands in the coming months.

The Polyglot

A Note from The Polyglot:

It has been almost a year since The Polyglot joined the Dia Diwan team, an innovative online magazine capturing the pulse of a Middle East and its global Diaspora that few outside the region ever knew existed. For Dia Diwan’s group of multilingual reporters and writers scattered across the globe, their Middle East is not so much a specific geographic location but a state of mind.

With a mission to debunk stereotypes and create bridges between different cultures through fashion, art, culture and all things design, Dia Diwan continues to grow as it brings to its readers a thought provoking and unique perspective on the world around us.

To read more from The Polyglot, I hope you will continue to stop by the Dia Diwan site where new and unexpected features will be appearing in the coming days and months.

Thank you for your continued support.

All the best, The Polyglot

Couture to come…

The Autumn/Winter 2010 Paris Haute Couture collections may have ended, but stay tuned for new posts exploring stories behind this unique creative world, what the clients are wearing and innovative craftsman shaping the future of couture as it continues to evolve in the 21st Century.

The hope is that The Polyglot will eventually serve as an online repository of information for those interested in the craft of couture, the culture that surrounds it and a specific way of thinking about the process of design. Couture is not simply about an extravagant fashion show or the few women who wear and appreciate such clothes. Within any discipline one needs examples of the best that can be achieved within a given field; whether from a creative or technical level. In a sense that is couture’s purpose within the field of fashion; to set high standards.

The Polyglot