Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From the Vogue Archives: The Night of the Magnificent Fur Caftans

Vogue October 1965


muneera said...

Great Blog! i'm happy i found it
it's realy one of my favorites
oriental fashion is just whimsical i love how this fashion blog captures the spirit of the arab fashion sence
in this shot though the model is sitting and stepping on Quranic scripts wich is very disrespectful in the muslim and arab world and a true misrepresintation to the culture

The Polyglot said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comment Muneera. When one is exploring the interaction between the West and the Orient over the decades, you will inevitably find examples of misrepresentations on both sides. Yet it’s important to show both the good and the bad, as that is what creates dialogue and helps bridge cultural misconceptions.