Tuesday, December 25, 2007

How they wear it: Catherine Deneuve

Long before the practice of lending haute couture gowns to movie stars for the red carpet, there was a time when well known stage and film actresses, opera singers, and even world famous ballerinas paid for their own clothes. Notable individuals such as Marlene Dietrich, Gloria Swanson, Maria Callas, and Margo Fontane were regular customers at the Paris couture houses and in particular Dior. It was a period when stars were required to appear glamorous and impeccable when in public, and the couture provided them with the necessary means to achieve this. Catherine Deneuve is one such movie star who is also an established couture client.

Deneuve’s love of haute couture began as a young actress in the 1960’s when she was fitted for her first gown by Yves Saint Laurent, to be presented to the queen of England. As a couture client she tends to be loyal to one designer. Throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s she was fiercely loyal to Yves Saint Laurent, dressing exclusively in his clothes and never missing a single one of his shows. It was only after his retirement that she began to frequent Jean Paul Gaultier’s couture house, and today she dresses exclusively in his clothes for the red carpet.
Deneuve understood early on the power of couture and the couturier’s ability to take years off a wearer with an expertly designed dress. She frequently outshines woman half her age on the red carpet in her one of a kind Gaultier Paris creations.

Clockwise left: In Gaultier Paris, Spring 2005; In Gaultier Paris, Fall 2006; Congratulating Yves Saint Laurent backstage after one of his shows in the early 90’s; In Gaultier Paris, Spring 2007; Mademoiselle Catherine Deneuve’s seat at the Gaultier Paris show.
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