Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Couture's Usual Suspects...

If one follows the couture collections regularly, they will most likely have heard of the following customers who are not known for being camera shy.

Top left clockwise: Marjorie Gubelmann Raein seated next to Mrs. William McCormick Blair Jr. (Deeda Blair) at the Gaultier Paris Show; Becca Cason Thrash, one of Couture’s more recent clients, seated front row at the Lacroix show next to two Canadian clients; The Texan socialite Lynn Wyatt; Manhattan socialite Anne Bass; The late Nan Kempner, one of couture’s most famous collectors; Couture customer Bethy Lagardere with Dior’s designer John Galliano; Carol Petrie has been an haute couture client since the 1940’s. Petrie says she use to have packages mailed to her with the designer’s sketches and fabric samples back in the 80’s. It was a service offered by the couture houses when she couldn’t indulge in flying from New York to Paris every year; Californian client Susan Casden; English heiress Daphne Guinness; Prominent couture customer Susan Gutfreund maintains homes in both New York and Paris.

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