Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Directrice of the Couture Salon

The House of Lacroix boasts a large roster of Middle Eastern clients attracted to his vibrant sense of color and innovative use of fabrics.

When Christian Lacroix presented his first couture collection under his own name on July 1987, it was the first haute couture house to open in Paris since Ungaro in 1965. Two emblems of Lacroix’s House were born that day: His now infamous puff skirt which was widely regarded for reinventing the ball gown in the late 20th century, and Marie Seznec his iconic model with an unlikely feature, grey hair. Yet Seznec is no ordinary model. Coming from a long line of seamstresses, when she first arrived in Paris from her native Brittany it was to study fashion design at the prestigious Studio Berçot. But it was the silver mane set a top a youthful face, which she had since the age of 15, that caught the eye of Lacroix and launched her modeling career. She modeled for him up until the early 90’s when she went on to become the “directrice” of his couture salon.

Today she is known for wielding a certain amount of influence at the House, not only as Lacroix’s right hand, but also because she runs its couture salon. She personally advises and works with each client on their purchases, frequently flying to New York or the Middle East with a seamstress for in-person fittings with important clients. She is also the individual to whom all new or perspective clients must approach in order to purchase a garment from the House.
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