Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And the front row goes too…

Amongst the usual sightings at Gaultier’s Spring 2011 couture show, that included Catherine Deneuve, Pedro Almodóvar and Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, one Middle Eastern client took the unusual step to sit front row.

Described by famed fashion illustrator Gladys Perint Palmer, as ”big mink, veil with diamanté, and the largest red croc bag,” Madame Jana Al Wazzan is one of the few visible Middle Eastern clients to have emerged on the couture scene recently (though clients from the region still constitute a large portion of couture’s customer base).


Chic Noir said...


I saw a comment you made on the nytimes blog about coming to states in the early 90's. What a touching and well thought out comment.

Your blog is tres elegant.

Anonymous said...

great stuff !!!