Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flashback: Farida Khelfa captured by Jean-Paul Goude in The Face

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Emma Kim said...

I just wanted to thank you. Why? Because I am french and of arabian descent. Well I have been adopted and raised by white people in a very white environment but I remember one thing: I was a kid and watching tv documentary about fashion and suddenly I saw her, Farida Khelfa. But it was too fast and I couldn t catch her name. I was amazed. An arabian woman in fashion? So it is possible to be seen as beautiful when brown? At that time and also a bit now, not a lot of arabian women in France were shown in a positive, and glamorous light, but I remembered until now (I am 29) Khelfa's profile, her face and how classy she was. I have been searching for that picture since then but my poor knowledge in fashion (let s be honest, it is not my main interest...) and the lack of coverage in mainstream media in France made me fail in that search until now. Thank you for bringing an other idea of beauty in your blog, it really helps girls like me who always had a problem with the colour of our skin and our different facial features and were raised surrounded by white princesses. You probably don't care but I just needed to say it.thanks