Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Collaboration with Dia Diwan & The Polyglot

As the Paris haute couture season kicks off, The Polyglot would like to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with uber chic fashion zine Dia Diwan.

Not even a year into its launch and this online magazine has garnered considerable attention for being one of the first to showcase another face of the Middle East; one that is increasingly design savvy and capable of producing a vibrant artistic scene. Founded by a globe trotting group of individuals who grew up, studied and worked around the world (but still call the Middle East home), Dia Diwan strives to debunk preconceived notions of the Arab world, by showcasing just how small our globe has become through the region’s contemporary design and cultural scene.

As part of The Polyglot’s continued objective to bridge cultures through all things fashion and design, this meeting with Dia Diwan comes at a time when dialogue between the West and the Middle East has become all the more relevant. I will be contributing articles to the site in the coming weeks dealing with topics as diverse as architecture, fashion, and culture that shed light on people, events and places that are a common link between both cultures.

I look forward to announcing new and exciting projects in the future.

All the Best,
The Polyglot

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...A very interesting collaboration. I look forward to reading :-) and to another chat via Horyn's blog!

All the best,


haifamba said...

It was great to find you on Dia Diwan, looking forward to reading all your contributions :-)

Dia said...

we are really glad to have you on Dia Diwan and i loved your latest piece on the Grande Dame of Jerusalem ( -

Gloria Johanssen said...

this is excellent news! good luck for a long fruitful collaboration!

Augustuzs Neto said...

Congrats The Polyglot!!
A treat, comme d´hab.
Best, AN.