Saturday, October 27, 2007

Farida Khelfa & Jean Paul Goude

The famous art director Jean Paul Goude discovered Farida in the early 80’s. She became his muse and proceeded to inspire and work with him on several projects. Clockwise center: The creator and his muse, Gaude and Farida, Paris 1992; A profile of Farida by Goude, litho and pastel, Paris 1984; Inspired by her Arab roots Goude created an earring of embossed metal baring Arabic calligraphy; A sketch of Farida’s hairstyle by Goude, Paris 1984; Farida on the cover of the Le Monde Illustré, her first project with Goude that launched her modeling career; Farida, painting on photograph by Jean Paul Gaude, Paris 1985; Farida in the role of George Sand, by Gaude, Paris 1992; Farida collaborated with Goude on the cover of the Revue Pétentaine, 1994.

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